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Khobar Towers: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

June 25, 1996 22:50

19 U.S. servicemen murdered, 498 wounded, thousands of lives changed forever.


We will never forget this crime and will never stop pursuing those responsible.

The Khobar Attack

As told by the U.S. Airforce

Over 200 injured airmen and their close family members are currently represented by the law firm of Joshua M. Ambush, LLC in litigation that is fully submitted and awaiting judgment before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.


Ambush Law is now accepting clients for a second litigation, to be known as Khobar Towers – Litigation II, on behalf of airmen who were injured during the Khobar Towers attack and who have not yet pursued justice.


Don’t miss out on this second and perhaps final chance to make a claim for your injuries. Joshua Ambush has successfully obtained justice and significant compensation for victims of terror for close to twenty years. Let his experience work for you.

Contact us below if you or somebody you love was harmed in the horror of Khobar and you’d like to see justice served.

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